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Spine Tingling Tales!

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to explore the eerie past and hidden lore of one of the most hauntingly beautiful places in America, Cannery Row & Old Monterey led by our extraordinary storytellers.


Uncanning the Mysteries of Cannery Row & Old Monterey

Delve into the Shadows of Cannery Row or Old Monterey.

Join the enigmatic Adam Kinkade, a spectral guide through the twisted corridors of Historic Cannery Row, where echoes of bygone eras whisper eerie truths. Amidst the remnants of a once vibrant hub of trade and kinship, Adam unveils the macabre tales that lurk beneath the surface. From the eccentric figures and opium dens that once thrived to the scandalous secrets of brothels and saloons, and the haunting legacy of Doc Ricketts, whose pact with John Steinbeck left a spectral imprint upon the Row.

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Unraveling the Ghostly Veil of Monterey

Embark on the Finest Ghost Tours in the Monterey Area

Immerse yourself in the spectral tapestry of Cannery Row's past, where every cobblestone bears witness to its haunted history. From its inception as a haven for gold rush fortune seekers to its rise as the indomitable "Cannery Empire," and now, a beacon of tourism, Adam's tales ensnare countless souls, leaving them haunted by the unearthly and illicit.


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California's First Theater

Custom House Plaza

Old Fishermans Wharf

Shrouded in the mists of Monterey Bay, the eerie remnants of California's history come alive. Join a Monterey ghost tour to unearth the deadly secrets hidden in the depths of California’s First City. Book now for an experience that dives deep into the chilling and true stories of shocking events predating the Mexican-American War of 1846. Are you prepared to explore the dark and sinister past that only California’s Cradle of History can reveal?




Step into the shadows of places where true crimes and eerie phenomena have been documented time and again. Feel the spine-tingling fear as you delve into chilling tales from ancient jails, forsaken theaters, and spectral hotels that harbor more than just ghostly whispers. For an unforgettable night of thrills and chills, this tour is an adventure you'll remember in your darkest dreams and scariest nightmares.


Stay alert for the ghost of a fraudulent doctor who preyed on his patients until a personal tragedy drove him to end his life. Discover the luxurious hotel that once catered to the wealthy elite and still hosts centuries-old spirits who roam the halls and staircases alongside today's guests.




Whether you’re a newcomer to Monterey or a long-time resident, you're bound to uncover terrifying new insights about the city's turbulent and sinister history! This tour seamlessly blends colonial Spanish history, eerie ghost tales, and gripping accounts of unexplained events. Witness the dark side of Monterey and experience its mysteries in a hauntingly new light. Encounter the restless spirits of those who fell victim to the city's first American Mayor, a man who played the roles of judge, jury, and executioner for anyone who dared defy him.

A Glimpse into the Past...

Ghost hunting equipment

Become a Ghost Hunter Extraordinaire!


Join our hauntingly thrilling Ghost Tour of Cannery Row and unleash your inner ghost buster! For just $7, you'll be equipped with an authentic EMF reader, your trusty tool for detecting spectral energies lurking in the shadows. Traverse the eerie alleys and spectral hotspots, armed with your EMF reader, as you embark on a spine-chilling adventure through the haunted history of Cannery Row.


Don't miss this opportunity to be part of the paranormal action – book your spot on the Ghost Tour today! (Please note: Proton Pack, Wand, and Ghost Trap NOT PROVIDED)


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A Glimpse into the Past...

Meet Will Roberts, the Architect of the Cannery Row Ghost Tour, whose journey into the realms of entertainment began amidst the mystical wonders of Zucchini's Tricks N' Things and Oscar Hossenfelder's Carousel in the twilight years of the 1970s and '80s. His initiation into the arcane arts ignited a fervent passion for storytelling, weaving a tapestry of historical intrigue that spans the ages. With a deft hand, Will melds his profound knowledge of the region's lore with the magic of his craft, conjuring an unforgettable odyssey for those who dare to tread the haunted paths of Cannery Row.

Oppenheimer Actor WILL ROBERTS

Will's career trajectory took a significant turn as he ventured into professional acting, demonstrating his versatility and commitment across various mediums, including film, television, and theater. Notably, his recent role in Christopher Nolan's "Oppenheimer" marks a highlight in his acting career, showcasing his talent on an international stage. Despite his success in the acting realm, Will's affection for Monterey and Cannery Row remains unwavering. This connection continues to influence his work, ensuring that the enchantment of Cannery Row's tales and mysteries endures through his contributions.

As the curtain falls on his acting career, Will's dedication to Monterey and Cannery Row endures, manifesting in his ownership of "The Wand Shop at Zucchini's," a testament to his unwavering commitment to the Row's enigmatic allure. Though his journey may seem to have come full circle, the shadows of Cannery Row whisper that Will's tale has only just begun...

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